State of the art With laser cutting machines we can cut 0.5 to 25 mm of high quality metals.

Laser cutting technology has become an indispensable part of the developing metalworking industry. Among the cutting methods in metal forming, laser cutting technology, which is becoming widespread, has given the sector a high speed.

The YDÇ Metal laser cutting machine uses German technology, carefully selecting the machine, removing high quality cutting surfaces and providing high work performance. Working with Trumpf brand, laser cutting, continues to serve with high capacities.

Laser Cutting Advantages

Cost Advantage

Different pieces can be machined on the same plate sheet.

The fire rate is reduced to the minimum level.

If the parts to be machined are suitable, the cost can be reduced by cutting the joint surfaces together.

By marking the twist axes, subsequent manufacturing steps are accelerated and costs are reduced.

With SpirintLas technology, high processing speed is achieved and the unit cost is reduced.

There is no mold cost in parts manufacturing.

Quality Advantage

With Hi-Las technology, a burr-free cut is achieved and heat distortion is minimal.

Preste does not have sheet deformations.

With ConturLas technology, holes 0.4 times as thick as sheet thickness can be processed.

Parts are cut with 0.05 mm precision.

Any kind of writing, painting, emblem can be cut through sheet metal.

Time Advantage

Pricing and cutting work is done in a short time and you are one step ahead.

Technical Advantages

Plate Sizes to Cut

2500 X 8000 mm

St-37 (DKP AND BLACK SHEET): 0.5 mm up to 30 mm

STAINLESS STEEL: 0.5 mm to 20 mm

ALUMINUM SHEET: 0,5 mm up to 20 mm

"Ve demir bizimle şekilleniyor"




Adres-1 : Merkez Fabrika

İzmir-Ankara Asfaltı Kemalpaşa organize sanayi bölgesi -No:51 -Kemalpaşa-İZMİR

Adres-2: Ulucak Fabrika

İzmir-Ankara Asfaltı Kemalpaşa organize sanayi bölgesi -No:72 -Kemalpaşa-İZMİR

Yurt İçi Satış / Domestic Sales

Tel:  +90 (232) 887 12 54-55

Fax: +90 (232) 375 50 76

Yurt Dışı Satış/ Export

Tel: +90 530 394 47 84



Lazer Kesiim / Laser Cutting

Plazma Kesim / Plasma Cutting

Oksijen Kesim / Oxygen Cutting

CNC Abkant Büküm / CNC Folding Bending,

Robot Kaynağı / Welding robots

Sac Satışı

Profil Satışı / Profile Sales

Boru Satışı / Pipe Sales



Altıgen Demir / Hexagonal Iron

Yuvarlak Demir / Round Iron



Firmamız Ege Bölgesinin en geniş metal işleme kapasiteli ,

fason imalat sektöründe lider konumdaki bir işletmedir. 

Lazer Kesim, Plazma Kesim,Oksijen Kesim, CNC Abkant Büküm ,

Tam otomatik kaynak robotları ile metal işleme sektöründe ,

Kemalpaşa Oraganize Sanayi Bölgesinde hizmet vermektedir.

Our company is the largest metal processing capacity of Aegean Region,is a leading position in the freight manufacturing sector.Laser Cutting, Plasma Cutting, Oxygen Cutting, CNC Folding Bending,In metalworking industry with fully automatic welding robots,Kemalpaşa serves in Oragganize Industrial Zone.

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