With our high-tech CNC-controlled plasma cutting machine, we make all kinds of sheet cuts.

What is Plasma Cutting?

Continuing to energize the material under the right conditions while the material is in the gaseous state causes the material or metal to be converted into plasma. The source of energy may be electricity, or plasma may be source of heat or radiation in plasma cutting.


The most important difference that distinguishes the plasma phase from the gas phase is electrical conduction, very high temperature and light emission. The plasma state of matter is formed by free electrons traveling from free electrons and atoms (ions) that have lost their electrons. Today, plasma cutting is technologically evolving and used in manufacturing and industrial, enviroment, lighting, televisions, energy production (nuclear) and many other technologies. It contains positive and negative charges in equal amounts in plasma formation. Most of the prin- ciples applied to all electrically conductive materials are also valid for plasmas. Like plasma, plasma cutting is also affected by electricity and magnetism. They are classified according to plasma temperatures and charged particles in their volume. Radiance in fluorescent lamps, blue light seen during welding, lightning and lightning are also plasmas. Within the sun there are different types of plasmas. The auroras that appear in the poles are a kind of plasm. As a result, it is also possible to use it in the cutting of metals.



We do this plasma cutting with the help of a thermal saw. Plasma-oxygen cutting is a simple ionization of the gas flowing in the torch, which is partly ionized, that is, it is transformed into plasma. At the high temperature plasma generated by the gas flow, the metal sheet is turned from the nozzle side to the positive pole material, the metal is melted and the melted material is jet- . Most commonly, cutting of metal sheets with a thickness range of 1-80 mm (optimum 1-32 mm) is carried out in the sector of plasma cutting with plasma. The most industrial sectors that benefit from plasma cutting are the railways, the railway industry, the shipbuilding industry, shipbuilding industry, shipyards, machinery makers, pressure vessel manufacturers (degassers, water tanks, hot water boilers impregnation, boilers).








In general, a plasma and automotive sheet cutting system should have the following components:

• Power supply: It is a direct current source. Provides constant direct current at high voltage. During the process, it provides the energy needed to maintain the plasma after ionization.

High-frequency firing circuit: At 2MHz, the alternating current is between 5000 and 10000 volts. The pilot arc fires to ionize the carrier gas.

• Gas console: used to set the flow rates of the carrier (plasma) and protective gas, to adjust the mixing ratios and to select the plasma gases. Today's plasma cutting machines are electronically controlled.

• Torch: Plasma gas in the inside and the active gas of the protection gas are the part holding the nozzle, the electrode nozzle, the nozzle outer cover, the protective head and the cover together. It is designed to create and focus the plasma. It also provides protective gas and protective gas and cooling fluid flow. The body has specially designed ducts and electrical connections. The carrier system and the control system provide torch movement and control of the entire system. The cooling system also allows the refrigerant liquid to circulate through the system. The aspirator system also removes gas and fumes from the work area during plasma cutting. At the beginning of the plasma cutting process, a signal from the power supply simultaneously opens the open circuit voltage and starts gas flow to the torch of the plasma cutting machine. In the system, the nozzle and material are connected to the positive pole of the power source and the electrode to the negative pole. The carrier gas flows through the nozzle through the gap between the nozzle and the electrode. At this time, the high-frequency ignition circuit creates high-frequency arcs between the nozzle and the electrode.

The carrier gas is partially ionized by the energy from these arcs. With the effect of gas injection at high flow rate, this current directs the positive pole of the current path outward (from the nozzle to the plasma-cut metal surface). With the positive polarity material, the residual current circuit is now complete and the high frequency circuit is turned off. Continuous ionisation of the gas is achieved by the energy from the direct current circuit forming the end plasma. The plasma method obtained in this way is called the arc method. The plasma cutting process begins with the localized melting of the metal surface due to the high temperature of the plasma and the carrier gas at high flow rates blowing molten metal and opening a hole in the material. At this time, the torch performs the cutting operation by moving the conveying system at a speed that does not lose continuity of the arc. Plasma cutting is carried out using the arc method carried out in general.

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