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What is Oxygen Cutting Technology?


Cnc oxygen cutting is the most commonly used cutting process. After the metal material has been heated to the high temperature of the ignition temperature, which is obtained by burning a flammable gas with oxygen, the heated zone is cut off with pure oxygen gas jet. As a result of the exothermic reaction between the oxygen and the heated metal zone, the oxygen burns the metal and blows out the metal oxide material, the combustion product, behind it.

 With Cnc oxygen cutting, the best cutting performance and quality is achieved due to the flammable casing and nodule shape. To be able to oxidize a metal so that it can be intercalated with oxygen, the melting temperature of the oxides must be lower than that of the base metal, and the oxides must be fluidized to reach the oxidation temperature. For this, a flammable gas such as acetylene or LPG must be burned in a flask with oxygen. This is called the preheating flame.

 There is flammable oxygen and gas in the form of Cnc oxygen cut. These gases mix in a mixer or lull in a saloon. It comes out of the small holes in the end of the shalom and lights up and preheats. By pressing the oxygen latch, oxygen is sent to this region and cutting is done.

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